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Knowledge and technology can provide the world with both energy security and a clean environment.

Hydrocarbon Publishing Company is a knowledge-management company serving refining and petrochemicals companies globally. Since it was founded in 1987, our company has established itself as a premier knowledge center, offering comprehensive, strategic business and technical intelligence. We supply critical information to our clients on a timely basis via our unique newsletters, strategic reports, and online services. Our mission is "Translating Knowledge into Profitability" for the energy industry. Here are our clients.


Refinery Energy Management:
Latest Technologies and Strategies to Enhance Operational Economics

July 2012

The most comprehensive view of energy efficiency improvements in both utility providers (such as heat, steam, and hydrogen) and energy consumers, i.e. processing units.

Hydrocracking and
2Q 2014

A comprehensive guide for refiners designed to highlight the technological aspects of each and every process in a petroleum refinery.

Just Published

REFINERY POWER OUTAGE MITIGATIONS: Latest Technologies and Strategies to Minimize Financial Impacts
Unplanned refinery shutdowns hit company earnings two ways: lost production and potential liabilities for excess flaring and unsafe operations. Click here for more information.

Latest Refining News
from Worldwide Refining Business Digest Weekly.e

Week in Focus

Installing splitters to skirt export ban, profitable strategy?

On March 31, Targa Resources Partners announced plans to build a $115MM, 35K-b/d condensate splitter at its Channelview Terminal on the Houston Ship Channel. ...

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