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Multi-Client Strategic Report

Publication date:March 2017
Item#: C01600

Just Published. It's challenging and opportune time for refiners in current unstable oil market with benchmark WTI and Brent futures prices swinging $6-7/bbl during the first four months of this year. The volatility will remain in the foreseeable future despite efforts by OPEC and some non-OPEC members to cut production. The primary reason is a fast recovery of rather resilient US shale plays.

Lessening reliance on traditional suppliers, refiners in Asia and Latin America nowadays are reaching farther to purchase and process different crudes around the world. With oil price volatility, buying price-advantaged or opportunity crudes—often poorer quality—on a spot market has become a common practice in the global refining industry in order to maintain profit margins. However, the savings sometimes turn into challenges for refinery operations (e.g. corrosion, fouling, and catalyst poisoning), reliability, and even safety.

At the same time, refiners are facing demand shift in diesel and residual fuel oil markets because of the "diesel vehicle emission scandal," International Maritime Organization (IMO)'s lower sulfur bunker fuel oil mandate in 2020. Also high-octane gasoline is in high demand in emerging economies, thereby creating export opportunities for US and European refiners.

To prosper in currently unpredictable crude and fuel markets? Read our new multi-client strategic report entitled, Novel Strategies of Processing Price-advantaged Crudes in a Volatile Oil Market. This study focuses on flexible operations and technology innovations to meet ever-changing crudes and shifting product demand in an uncertain environment. Major topics include:

Therefore, this 800+page comprehensive study is written to help refining clients tackle many challenges and identify unique opportunities in the fast-changing, uncertain conditions so that they can maintain profitability, stay ahead of the competition in good and bad times, and sustain business in the long run.

Order today, take advantage of a special discount—good until May 31, 2017. The regular price is US$9500.00.

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The prospectus of the report is available upon request, please click here.

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