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Since 2008, our biennial Opportunity Crudes Conferences have been promoting the knowledge of business strategists and technical experts, to discover the latest challenges and benefits of processing price-advantaged crudes, and to network and share ideas with peers.

The 2022 Opportunity Crudes Conference: "Refining in Transition: from Vision to Execution amid Crude Disruptions" and 2021 Opportunity Crudes Conference:Refining in Transition: Crudes for Fuels & Petrochemicals in Demand” .

How it will benefit you

The proceedings of the 8th and 7th Opportunity Crudes Conference are a collection of video presentations by a diverse team of high-caliber oil-business gurus, operators, and technology experts to share their knowledge and insights into the volatile, uncertain time of our industry.

The coronavirus pandemic, oil price volatility, and climate scrutiny have presented unprecedented challenges to the refining industry. This conference is designed to help refiners achieve the goals of short-term profitability and long-term sustainability amid changing market conditions and tightening environmental regulations.

The videos are available for viewing online up to a year.

What does it include

The 2021 Opportunity Crudes Conference proceeding is organized into five major topics:

Global Oil and Refining Market Outlooks

Crude Procurement Strategies amid Shifting Crude Market and Changing Quality

Refiners' Game Plan, Revamps, and Technology Requirements to Tackle Urgent Issues

Operational Improvements, Data Analytics & the Internet of Things (IoT)

Crude Management

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