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REFINESearch is a confidential, prompt, and affordable service that retrieves and analyzes comprehensive, reliable refining business information and technologies for you. The search is tailored to fit your needs, producing a customized report according to your search objectives and specifications. REFINESearch gives you the information for you to trouble-shoot operation problems, to make informed decisions based on complete, up-to-date data, to plan ahead in order to stay ahead of the competition.

How it will benefit you

Broaden your knowledge. Gain further insight into refining industry trends and events, competitor activities, technology advances, and hands-on refinery operations and practices around the world. A periodic, comprehensive search will help you avoid information "blind spots."

Save time and money. We aim to give you a quick turnaround. Our price is also reasonable. Prior to the search, we will give you a cost estimate based on the complexity of the search and the depth of the information required. Discounts are available for repeat orders and search updates.

Facilitate decision-making. A concise and objective report will reveal the pros and cons of various scenarios and let you weigh all the options. We scan our massive database, glean information specified by your needs and search objectives, and make it available to you in a summary format with detailed information sources.

Personal and confidential. Our researchers are very familiar with refinery operations, and their primary goal is to meet your search objectives, budgets, and deadlines. Your searches will be treated confidentially with non-disclosure terms clearly spelled out in each search agreement.

What does it include

REFINESearch uses wide-ranging sources, including our extensive 30+ year database, to assist your assignments. Examples of recent REFINESearch cases are:


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