About Us

About Us

Hydrocarbon Publishing Company is a knowledge-management and technology-focused company serving refining and petrochemicals companies globally for over three decades. We trust "Knowledge and technology can provide the world with both energy security and a clean environment SM." We supply critical information to our clients on a timely basis via our unique newsletters, strategic reports, and online database services. Our mission is "Translating Knowledge into Profitability®" for the energy industry. Hydrocarbon Publishing Company is a part of HPC Global Energy.

Our Expertise

Our skills, anchored on three pillars, have proven to serve our clients well over time: Knowledge Management, Critical Analyses and Insights, and Technology-driven Strategies:

Knowledge Management
Through our newsletters, strategic reports, and online database, our company has established itself as a premier knowledge center, which gathers refining business intelligence, technology developments, and competition challenges to refiners around the world.
Critical Analyses and Insights
Ongoing data gathering in both business and technology worlds over the years has powered us to undertake unparallel and objective analyses, view possibilities from all sides, and most importantly turn challenges into opportunities for our clients. In any situations, we evaluate impacts and implications to come up with insights.
Technology-driven Strategies
We strongly believe that most short-, medium-, and long-term problem - ranging from demand destruction and fuel changes, crude feedstock shift, environment and decarbonization, energy transition, to industry consolidation - can be resolved by technologies. Our strategy is a marriage of macroscopic assessments and bottom-up search for technical solutions. Innovation is key to enable refiners to be flexible and meet dynamic environs in order to be sustainable in the future.

Our Customers