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Worldwide Refinery Processing Review

Over the past 20 years, our quarterly technology newsletter has become the most authoritative and comprehensive publication of the latest refining technologies around the world. The Review monitors commercial technology developments and competition, plant operation improvements & troubleshooting, R&D trends, latest global installed capacity, and constructions for all processing units—from the front-end to the back-end—in a single source.

How it will benefit you

Keeps refiners abreast of up-to-date technologies to meet changing market conditions and environmental regulations by constantly tracking and extensively reviewing all key commercial and emerging technologies around the world.

Sharpen your technical acumen and generate ideas that will lead to higher refinery operational efficiency and profitability by providing insights derived from market and

Allows technology developers and refinery suppliers identify refiners' unmet needs and capture business opportunities ahead of the competition by organizing market intelligence and technology trends into a single source.

What does it include

Over 30 technology topics are covered on a rotating basis. Each topic covers the following sections:

Market and Technology Trends and Opportunities
Offers a strategic overview of the featured technologies, along with insights derived from market & technology directions and prospects to stimulate thinking and spark ideas that will lead to higher refinery operational efficiency, new research work, and swift commercial development.

State-of-the-Art Technology
Highlights the key features, advantages, and benefits of technologies in process design, catalysts and chemicals, hardware, and computer controls and monitoring.

Plant Operations and Practices
Identifies valuable operating experiences and daily trouble-shooting techniques shared by veteran refining professionals at recent conferences around the world.

Refining R&D Alert!
Tracks R&D intelligence and presents the competition's latest patent applications and grants by presenting extensive investigation of research works around the world for you.

Worldwide Installed Capacity
Reveals the capacity growth of individual processing units around the world in order to monitor refining trends.

Recent Construction Activity and Completed Construction Projects
Compiles active and finished global refinery construction projects to shed light on the processing future.

Latest Refining Technology Developments & Licensing
Presents urgent technology information from licensers around the world in the past quarter.

Publication library

2021 Publications

Sulfur Plant (Update to be released in Q1 2021)
Hydrogen Production via Grey, Blue, and Green Routes (Update to be released in Q1 2021)
Hydrocracking (Update to be released in Q2 2021)
Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (To be released in Q2 2021)
Hydrotreating (Update to be released in Q3 2021)
Environmental Controls in Flue Gas Releases, Flaring & GHG Emissions (Update to be released in Q3 2021)
Fluid Catalytic Cracking (Update to be released in Q4 2021)
Refinery Digitalization & Internet of Things (IOT) (Update to be released in Q4 2021)

Published in prior years

Alkylation and Olefin Oligomerization
Aromatics Production
Bio and Renewable Diesel & Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Catalytic Reforming
Crude Distillation
Crude Treating, Blending, and Desalting
Energy Management: Cost Savings & Decarbonization
Ethers Production
Gas Processing Unit /Vapor Recovery Unit
Light Olefins Production
Lube Oil Production
NG/Biomass-to-Liquids Production
Plant Maintenance/Reliability/Safety
Plant Upgrades & Revamps
Product Treating & Blending
Refinery-Petrochemical Integration & Crude-to-Chemicals
Solvent Extraction and Deasphalting
Visbreaking and Thermal Cracking

Publication details

Publication frequency

Publication can be purchased as part of an annual subscription that will give you unlimited access to 8 technology topics per year (2 topics published per quarter). For 2021, the Annual Subscription will have access to the following topics:
Q1 2021: Sulfur Plant; Hydrogen Production via Grey, Blue, and Green Routes
Q2 2021: Hydrocracking; Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration
Q3 2021: Hydrotreating; Environmental Controls in Gas Emissions
Q4 2021: Fluid Catalytic Cracking; Refinery Digitalization & Internet of Things (IOT)
You can also choose to buy each technology topic individually with multiple-copy discounts available (5% off total for two topics and 10% off total for three or more topics).

Publication format

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file


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