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Worldwide Refining Business Digest Weekly.e

For over 30 years, this weekly newsletter has been an authoritative, comprehensive source of global refining business intelligence. Delivered to you electronically every Monday morning, each issue serves as a recap of the previous week's events and prepares you for the business challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The information is strategically organized and objectively crafted to help refiners decipher the impacts and implications of stories from a plethora of fragmented news amid the fast-changing world.

How it will benefit you

Truly global coverage gives panoramic view of the refining business worldwide.

Insights of growing trends not available from fragmented news provided by various media sources.

Spark ideas from browsing through strategically organized summaries of events.

Monitoring upstream and midstream sectors to help refiners spot potential impacts.

Tracking and alerting you competition from upcoming alternative fuels.

Facilitate your data mining based on comprehensive archived information.

What does it include

The Digest consists of 10 sections:

  1. Refining & Marketing News
    • Retail activities tracking fuel demand and biofuel blending
    • Refinery activities, including refinery outages and maintenance, throughput, and margins
    • Announcements of unit revamps and expansions, new projects, and grassroots refineries
    • Fuel imports and exports
  2. Crude Market and E&P Activities
    • Events that move the crude futures, cash crudes supported by price statistics
    • Crude and fuel inventories worldwide
    • Pipeline and terminal activities
  3. Refinery-Petrochemical Business Briefs
    • Propylene, BTX, naphtha, and LPG businesses
    • Base oil and lubricant news
    • Plastics recycling and bio-plastics developments
  4. Politics, Environment & Regulatory Legislation and Policies
    • Recent clean fuel legislation, biofuel mandates, refinery emission and safety rulings
    • Public policies to abate GHG emissions
  5. Mergers, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions & Divestitures
    • M&A activities in refining business
    • Assets spin-offs and buyouts
  6. Refiner Business, Strategy & Finance
    • Strategic directions and company transformation
    • Earning results
  7. Industry Trends & Forecasts
    • Ongoing and emerging trends
    • Consultants' opinions and outlooks
  8. Technology Developments & Commercialization
    • Licensing activities
    • New refining technology offerings
  9. Supplier & Contractor News
    • Events of catalyst suppliers and EPC firms
    • New products and services for refiners
  10. Biofuels Production, Alternative Energy, Electric Vehicles & Carbon Capture
    • Market news of biofuel and renewables
    • Oil firms' investments in green energy including EVs and hydrogen supplies
    • Carbon management adopted by refiners

Publication details

Publication frequency

Published weekly (Delivered electronically every Monday morning)

Publication format

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file


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