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Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup & Analytics

Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup database and analytics is business opportunity-driven, time-saving service, which will allow you to focus on extracting valuable insights for better decision-making, improved operations via predictive analytics, and identification of business opportunities in a convenient format.

Since it was launched in 2010, our Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup & Analytics database has been widely used by:

  • Refiners to schedule production around other refineries and track competition.
  • Vendors to spot business opportunities in maintenance T/A and repairs.

How it will benefit you

Refiners, let the operational data do the talking
How can refiners keep equipment in top shape, avoid accidents, minimize unsafe incidents, and optimize the efficiency and efficacy of refinery turnarounds to maximize refinery availability and performance? By practicing operational management, refiners have foresight into potential incidents to proactively plan for maintenance, and thus avoid future failures and downtime. Our Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup & Analytics has provided subscribers insight into refinery shutdowns due to process upsets, power failures, equipment glitches, accidents, and other incidents around the world. These data present the best intelligence and troubleshooting experiences to help refiners avoid costly pitfalls and profit from frequently reported maintenance turnaround announcements by scheduling refinery runs accordingly.

Vendors, business opportunities at your fingertips
Refinery turnaround maintenance announcements present excellent prospects and ideas to reach out to potential refining clients. We identify new turnaround events every week so that you can submit bids on turnarounds ahead of the competition. Best of all, frequently-updated, refinery maintenance and procurement contacts are in the database.

What does it include

Weekly Shutdown Updates
Every Monday, subscribers are sent a weekly newsletter with updates on the latest news & developments, including:

Comprehensive Shutdown Database
Subscribers will also have 24/7 access to the latest Global Refinery Shutdown Roundup & Analytics database. This comprehensive databank is designed with a target search feature that allows you to perform in-depth searches on upcoming refinery maintenance and / or past events based on specific search criteria, including:

Publication details

Publication frequency

Published weekly (Uploaded every Monday morning)

Publication format

Online database


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