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Since 2008, our biennial Opportunity Crudes Conferences have been promoting the knowledge of business strategists and technical experts, to discover the latest challenges and benefits of processing price-advantaged crudes, and to network and share ideas with peers.

The 2018 Opportunity Crudes Conference:Crude Disruptors: Accelerating Refining Changes” addresses how tightening supply had disrupted the normal oil flows worldwide, thus forcing refiners to take advantage of lesser expensive grades available in the market to sustain profitability. However, changing crude types more frequently and increasing blending of different crudes together are creating a lot of operational problems, while mandate by the International Marine Organization is requiring refiners to meet cleaner motor fuel and low-sulfur bunker requirements.

How it will benefit you

The proceeding is a collection of presentations by a diverse team of high-caliber experts who addresses urgent business and technology issues facing refiners due to production cuts by OPEC and some non-OPEC members, geopolitical tensions, and trader spats between trade partners since Jan. 2017. Our diverse team of technology experts and business strategists provide refining professionals with many years of experiences and insightful recommendations to tackle changing crudes & shifting fuel demand and identify challenges & opportunities facing the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

What does it include

The 2018 Opportunity Crudes Conference proceeding is organized into five major topics:

Global Oil Market Outlooks — Geopolitical Uncertainties, Growing Trade Tensions, OPEC Strategic Options, Challenges & Opportunities in Oil Trading

Crude Quality, Contaminants, Incompatibility, and Blending

Crude Corrosion, Fouling, and Monitoring Techniques

Flexibility of Refinery Operations & Bottoms Upgrading to Make High-Demand Products

Big Data Analytics & Internet of Things (IoT) in Crude Selection, Management & Refining

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