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Our online technology database, ReviewNET, is your internet link to the most inclusive and current source for technology development and competition information for all processing units, from the front end to the back end. ReviewNET is a compilation of the technology topics covered in the Worldwide Refinery Processing Review, making it your LIVE refining technology encyclopedia.

How it will benefit you

Technology information on demand: Latest commercial and emerging technologies available in one place 24/7.

Complement your company's knowledge management: Most authoritative, comprehensive knowledge source in industry to keep you staff informed cost-effectively and efficiently.

Excellent training tool: It is designed to accelerate learning of entry-level engineers and scientists.

What does it include

Over 30 technology topics are covered on a rotating basis. Each topic covers the following sections:

Market and Technology Trends and Opportunities
Offers a strategic overview of the featured technologies, along with insights derived from market & technology directions and prospects to stimulate thinking and spark ideas that will lead to higher refinery operational efficiency, new research work, and swift commercial development.

State-of-the-Art Technology
Highlights the key features, advantages, and benefits of technologies in process design, catalysts and chemicals, hardware, and computer controls and monitoring.

Plant Operations and Practices
Identifies valuable operating experiences and daily trouble-shooting techniques shared by veteran refining professionals at recent conferences around the world.

Refining R&D Alert!
Tracks R&D intelligence and presents the competition's latest patent applications and grants by presenting extensive investigation of research works around the world for you.

Worldwide Installed Capacity
Reveals the capacity growth of individual processing units around the world in order to monitor refining trends.

Recent Construction Activity and Completed Construction Projects
Compiles active and finished global refinery construction projects to shed light on the processing future.

Latest Refining Technology Developments & Licensing
Presents urgent technology information from licensers around the world in the past quarter.

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Online encyclopedia available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Online database


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